• Lord Dayus

Severn Valley Ales goes Off Grid and Carbon Zero

From the 1st May, we became the first brewery in Shropshire to become completely Carbon Zero and Off Grid. We have installed enough solar panels, a small wind turbine and battery storage to brew twice a week.

We strongly believe in protecting the planet for future generations, but providing quality beers made with a conscience.

Chris Dayus, Head Brewer's day job is working with companies to reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint, so he was keen to adopt this ethos for Severn Valley Ales. Chris said, "It's really important right now that we all do more to protect the planet. If we can all just take one more step to lower our impact on the environment, we can make the world a better place for now and for future generations"

So, look out for the new brews from Severn Valley Ales in the coming weeks.

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