Where the Magic Begins

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Head Brewer

Chris brings knowledge and expertise to Severn Valley Ales. As our Head Brewer, there is no question that our superb product quality relies heavily on Chris. To learn more, get in touch.


Assistant Brewer

Daz is new to brewing, but has already revolutionized the way we operate. Hard working and experienced in building and property management, Daz is guaranteed to take our business to the next level. Contact us to learn more.

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Assistant Brewer

At the sharp end of operations at Severn Valley Ales is our Assistant Brewer, Steve Farrell. Our brewery would not be the same if it weren’t for their competence and professionalism.


The Bosses

The three girls keep our feet on the ground at Severn Valley Ales.  Looking after the customer experience is their goal, ensuring everyone is looked after.

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Resident Ghost

Old Mo was a Monk who resided at the Friary which was located along the riverside, off Cartway.  The story goes Old Mo set aside his Holy vows and took to drinking, fornication and all things un-holy. One of his favourite places to carry out his debauchery was Old Mo’s Alley, the alley runs from Love Lane, down past the Scout Hut and leads on to Bramble Ridge, there’s a side track which takes you onto Friar Street, this is where Old Mo approached from.
Old Mo carried on his un-holy ways until the brethren could take no more. One night as he returned from his alley he was confronted by a group of Monks, they tried to reason with him but to no avail, the situation soon turned to one of violence. Old Mo was bludgeoned and then poisoned, his body was disposed of in the river or buried in the grounds? Nobody knows.
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